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  • Spring and summer are not just the best time to have regular maintenance done on your heating appliance, it’s also the best time to get the fuel you need for the heating season. Most heating fuels are less expensive and more readily available in the off-season.
  • Firewood needs ample time after its cut and split to dry out, and typically, if you buy wood as soon as the warm weather rolls in and get it cross stacked in the sun to dry, it should be good for heating when the cold weather returns.  Cordwood with excess moisture (greater than 20%) will use up most of its heating value to dry out, leaving little left to heat the home.
  • Pellet quality was a major issue this past winter.  Many homeowners, especially those burning cheaper brand pellets, experienced heavier ash and clinker buildup than in years past.  Not only are wood pellets less expensive in the summer (so manufacturers can continue to build up inventory year round) but the best raw materials are more readily available then too, so fuel quality is much higher.  Storing up pellets in the warm weather ensures both top quality and availability for the heating season.
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